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Welcome To Bishwa Seva Pratishthan

Bishwa Seva Pratishthan is a Govt. Recognized Non Govt. Voluntary Organization. It is registered under Orissa Societies Registration Act 1860 with Registration no. 20489/39 of 1998-1999.
What we wish To do : (Service Mission) We have an earnest desire to impart both Technical and General Education to the unemployed youth of the state, to serve the needy poorest among the poor, specially living in remote, unapproachable, undulated, hilly, tribal areas, human and the cattle of arid zone of Orissa, where there is too much shortage of water for the animals, inhabitants and agriculture. Survival of the human community and other living ones is in very difficult.
Can we do all this alone: no, never- anyone can take up such a challenging task with out support of people having spiritual mind and honest desire to help the needy. We have organized our selves to associate others who are eagerly searching the right agency through whom they can help the helpless, poor, unattended, orphans, old ones, having no care taker, widows, divorced women, disabled, sick and patients who can not afford medical treatment.
Who helps: Noble gentlemen having mercy in heart do come forward, approach us and donate liberally to feed the animals who can not request, can not speak, can not demand or quarrel to quench the thirst or hunger. Others too offer us a part of their earnest and honorably earned money as donation for the deserving poor and unattended. We are highly thankful to all such “DONORS” .
Invitation: Respected sir, why don’t you come ahead and become a Sponsor / Member of this Trust/Organization. Your contribution to our following activities will help us achieve the above mission and you will be highly blessed by the poor and needy. Their blessings will bring you prosperity, health and happiness in your life

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