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Animal welfare programme and Gaushala: (Shelter house for the cows)

From times immemorial cows have great importance through out world. Infact babies are fed cow milk immediately after shifting from mother’s milk. Cow serves the human beings till their last breath. Though Marwar is not green belt of Orissa, yet it is famous for having good breeds of cows. It is all arid zone and short of irrigation facilities. In most of the years people have witnessed drought in this area. Because of reapeated drought years people are unable to rear animals and are forced to let loose them. Founder of Bishwa Seva Pratishthan Hon’le Shri Gheesulal ji Rajpurohit, having murcy in heart for the roaming cows, decided to beg or borrow but to take care of these tortured, hungry, thirsty, sick and unattended orphan cows. He established one “Gau Shala”

Bishwa Seva Pratishthan faced very hard days to manage drinking water, fodder, shelter, reclaimation of land, counstruction of shelter homes/buildings, water trough, managers, barcading, veterinary medical checkup, treatment, medicines and care taker staff. All this has become more tedious task today, becouse of rising costs of every item and increasing number of animals. Presently there are 635 animals being taken care off.

For every Hindu family cows have greatest value. We had a customary runtime routine of sharing our food with cows. Every morning we kept aside bread for cow. Today as well we prefer to offer a lunch of green fodder to cow. So, let us do the maximum for this lovely, worshipable, regardful animal who can not speak, request, demand or fight for food. A little donation of Rs.5/- for one time or Rs.11/- a day will bring you unexpected blessings, prosperity and peace of mind. We are sure every one of us can afford this little service/amount.

You may contribute as much as you wish or as per your capacity. For your convenience, guidance chart is as under:

Help for Fodder / water / Medical facility for cows:

(Proposed Amount Per Annum)

Cows Amout in Rupees

One cow 7, 551/-

Twenty one cows 1, 58,551/-

Five cows 37,751/-

Thirty one cows 2,34,111/-

Eleven cows 83,111/-

Fifty one cows 3,85,111/-

There is a general opinion that birds like pigeons, sparrows, parrots etc. also do not demand or ask for food. Why should we not give them grains to fill belly. Decided unanimously this organization in regularly feeding Jawar, Bajra, Maiz or other rough grains to the birds. It is a general belief that feeding the birds is the easiest, cheapest, virtuous and most affordable donation that one can afford. It is bit difficult to do this service to the birds in big/metro cities why pegions only? Because of multy story buildings- non availability of open space where birds can come in flog, get together and feed them selves. Bishwa Seva Pratishthan can help to do this pious, virtuous and holy service on your behalf as it is a regular activity here. We shall welcome donation from you for this kind of service.