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Today life is full of certain health problems. This is because of environmental pollution, non availability of clean drinking water, oxygen in air, deforestation, use of fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides etc. in agriculture fields. This needs special attention. Villagers are to be briefed about taking up practices that can save environment, help us be healthy and live in pollution free atmosphere. For this Bishwa Seva Pratishthan in its regular camps made aware the tribal about ill results of environmental problems, pursued them to plant maximum plants, use under ground water for drinking purposes, try to establish their own kitchen garden, avoid use of insecticide, and pesticide.

To improve the environment, this organization installed eight (8) hand pumps to meet shortage of water. 10 wells were deepened for making available drinking water and irrigation purposes. 6190 new plants were planted during last six years, 856 kitchen gardens were established and ten (10) gardens came up in the area, construction of 1005 “Smokeless chulhas” and installation of 141 solar lights Emitting Diode (LED) also played important role in environment protection & making the atmosphere pollution free. This activity plays an important role in area development.