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Sir, you are very well aware that no one alone can do every thing for every one or society as a whole. To-gather we can do any thing that seems to be impossible. There are uncountable unattended, helpless, poor, sick & sufferers, widows, orphans or old persons who have no means to support their life. GOD has blessed many of us with all types of prosperity, health, wealth, sincere and obedient children and what ever else we wanted. Noble ones wish to thank GOD in one or the other way. Best to believe & act is “Service to the man is service to GOD”. You serve the needy, GOD will re- embers you many times more.

We know you are continuously in search of the “Right agency” through which you can reach & help the needy. There are two reasons why you postpone your virtuous act of donating to the needy. Primarily Almighty has kept you too busy in your business and secondly you do not come in contact with the genuine person who is in need of help. We assure you that every paisa donated by you through our dedicated services will reach the needy human beings or worth worship cows, pigeons & other animals.


We want to take a moment to ask you for your help in continuing our mission. Please consider a generous donation to the organisation. Be a force for change. Support our work by joining any of the giving programme. We appeal all of you who have strong feelings to kindly contribute. Your support will help to eradicate the causes and effects of poverty in our working area. Please give generously and participate any of the options listed below to help us make change happen.

• You can donate Rs. 1000/- for education of one child for one year.

• You can donate Rs. 2000/- for education and food of one child for one year.

• You can be our partner by donating Rs. 21,000/- to Children Welfare Fund and sharing the joys and sorrows of the needy persons.

• You can be our partner by donating Rs. 10,000/- to provide education and health facility to one child.

• You can donate Rs. 10,000/- to provide Health facilities to the child and mothers by.

• You can help us by donating Rs. 5,000/- for our other programmes and literature

• You can be our partner by providing us informations on social issues.

• You can help us by providing us a stationery, books, clothes and medicines for needy persons.

• You can be our part by donating Books, other materials and donation whatever you like.

• You can contribute your time in social service as a volunteer. You can support our campaigns to achieve social justice.