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OUR OBJECTIVES • To Teach Employability Skill to the Unemployed Youth. • To promote computer literacy. • To help poor & sick people. • Blood Donation. • Eye Donation. • To organize medical camps/mobile hospital & to make available free medical facility in public interest. • To organize programmes / camps for public awareness, prevention & destruction for AIDS. • To develop and provide facilities for poor & helpless children / students of free books, schools, & hostels. • Free service to handicapped. • To make public awareness against addiction through programmes for prohibition of alcoholism, opium, tobacco, smoking etc. • To organize programmes for environment by doing plantation, protecting trees, to check environmental pollution. • To check use of polythene bags in interest of environment, animals and whole human community. Also organize different programmes for awareness in public about replace of polythene by other items like paper, glass, hemp, etc. if necessary. • To construct and manage inns, public water drinking places, community hall / center. • To prohibit Cow slaughter. • To confine Death Festivity. • To check Dowry System. • To establish self employed business / small scale industries for employing unemployed male, females, and widows. • To establish Orphanages. • To establish Cow pen / Gaushala / Ranch. • To empower and develop the women through self help group's formation, Community participation and Income generation activities. • Water management (Well deepening; Check dam; Anicut; Gully Plug; Construction of water tanks and canals for better irrigation) and availability of drinking water for the community. • Free supply of drinking water to needy people and animals in drought regions. • Development of agriculture cultivation; collection and treading of medicinal plant and composing organic manure (Vermi compost, Nedap compost, Prom, Horn manure, Vermihose ) • Child developments, to provide free facilities to tribe and rural children for Education, Health, Environment and other Co-circular development. • To produce correct management processes of natural resources (water, sunlight, land, air, vegetation, forest, hills and energy) with creating awareness for them. • To organize constructive and developmental activities for adolescents and games. • Helping financially and medically to affected families and soldiers during International war. • To check Child Labour. • Helping financially and medically to accidental affected people either by natural calamities (e.g. flood, draught, earthquake etc.) or artificial calamities (e.g. Road accident, Bomb Blast, etc.) • To organize Collective Marriages. • To organize programmes for promotion of education (moral, spiritual, religious, cultural etc.), science and medical in public interest. • To check Child Marriages. • To organize programmes for awareness, prevention and destruction of infectious and non infectious diseases (e.g. polio, tuberculosis, fluorosis, hepatitis, leprosy, blindness, asthma etc.).