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1. Gau-Shala- Shelter House for Cows.

2. Health & Medical services for the remote rural tribals.

3. World Food Programe

4. Integrated Rural Development.

(i) Drilling of hand pumps and deepening of wells for drinking water facility in tribal areas.

(ii) Installation of Smokeless Chulhas

(iii) Lighting tribal houses with solar L.E.D. light

(iv) Kitchen Gardening.

(v) Agriculture demonstrations.

(vi) Establishment of horticulture nurseries.

(vii) Establishment of fruit gardens.

(viii) Plantation of trees- Environmental Development.

(ix) Vermi compost- Demos & Donate.

(x) Science & Technology fair.

(xi) Assistance to school children.

(xii) Imparting Computer Donate.

(xiii) Imparting Soft Skill Donate.

(xiv) Imparting Technical Education.

(xv) Organising Job Fair.

Intregrated Tribal Children Development Program: {ITCDP)

This organization is of the opinion that if children of present era are taken care off properly right from the age of their being infants, we can build a better Nation. It is very well known that children are the pillars of nation/world, so special attention is required to their vaccination bringing up, hygiene, cleanliness, health care, treatments, education, food, nutrition, clothing and personality development. Malnutrition in children is a common problem because of poverty which ultimately invites diseases and ill health them. Parents, instead of sending their children to schools for education - engage them in domestic activities, labour, agriculture, cattle rearing & grazing etc. The organization, therefore has been working since long time to bring these children in to main stream of life and society. For this it has formed groups which visit different villages and encourage the families to send their children to schools. The parents are made aware of importance of health care and education of their children. The child labours working in remote urban areas are brought to the child labour rehabilitation center. They are provided education, health checkup, treatment, general care and nutritious food in this center. They are also provided personality development Donate. The organization aims at establishing orphanages for the poor orphans. These orphanages are ment to provide proper development of orphans. We believe your support can help us to establish orphanages and run it successfully. For helping the school going children you may contribute your share as per your will, convenience or capacity.

A guiding chart is submitted for your consideration:

Help for Study of poor & needy children –

(Per Child Per Annum)

1. Primary Std.(class 1 to 5) child Rs. 1100/-

2. Middle Std.(class 6 to 8) child Rs. 1800/-

3. Sen. Secondary Std. (upto 12) child Rs. 2500/-