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After passing six decades of independence we have been, tried to progress, made efforts to improve our agriculture, live stock, medical facilities cottage industry, art and craft, produce more – earn more, educate our children and improve the economic condition of family and villages. But more population, small agriculture holdings, lack of irrigation, infrastructure, school, hospitals, roads, transportation, power and awareness did not allow us to achieve what we deserved in such a long span of time.

Government is doing a lot as per its planning, resources & local participation but that is a very slow process. Economic change and development is not possible untill & unless local efforts are not geared up.

Realizing this truth Bishwa Seva Pratishthan has taken up this integrated rural development programme in remote area of tehsil Kherwara, Sarada and Kotra of Distt. Udaipur. Approach is difficult to these areas because of lack of (Basic resources) roads, transportation etc.