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Before introduction of Smokeless Chulhas (Cooking stove):

Taking in confidence members of Village forest protection management committee (V.F.P.M.C.) and panchayat representatives camps were organized in the year 2005-06. People present in the camp were briefed about the Model, use and benefit of smokeless chulhas. Purpose of introducing this new model is to save forest to certain extent as the quality of wood used in these smokeless chulhas is less them half of the quantity used in traditional chulhas.

Earlier, village ladies used to go to forest, collect or cut wood from trees, use of animal dung was common; wastage of time in such activities was another notable issue. This resulted in not finding time to attend their children, old ones and other house hold activities.

Smoke in the house created number of problems like darkening of house, blackening of walls, health hazard like cough, asthma, respiration problem, dirtiness.

Selection & introduction of smokeless chulhas :