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There is almost equal number of women in society as the men are . Men and women all have equal rights in our society as well as constitution. We find that ladies in India have proved to be at par with men in almost all fields. In sports they have been champions; in industries they have been very successful. Head of the Nation is a woman. Number of them has successfully been Heads of states. They are proven scientists, astrologers, teachers, politicians and what not! There seems to be no field where they faced failure. But a very big percentage of women specialy residing in rural areas/slums and unapproachable villages could not be educated, trained in trades & skills and given not provided any sort of facility to rise in life, to prove their ability and capacity. All this is today felt unjustified and cruelty to the women, who as per our ancient culture are worth worship. We wish to associate wise and noble people to achieve our goal of strengthening and empowering the female children, young women and all types of ladies attending to their domestic duties or working out of home for better & developed society. For this all female will have to be educated, trained to work in different trades, arts and jobs of their interest. Simultaniously they have to be made aware of their rights and duties. To achieve this we are in process of organising women welfare and awareness camps in and rural areas, where they hear about so many successful stories of progressing women, learn about life style and achievements of leading women, women polititions, scientists, industrialists, artists and others who are famous for their progress in life. So far Bishwa Seva Pratishthan has organized 50 women awareness and trade development Donate camps where 1000 women members have been benefited. For these activities, lots of fund is required. A little financial help from the noble and wise gentleman can help us continue this task.